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Free instant training that gets straight to the meat and reveals 4 super effective traffic sources for affiliate marketing that can’t fail at driving TRUCKLOADS of traffic to your business. But it has lower quality traffic from Youtube or search engines. Many times these classifieds websites also have a high page ranking themselves since they are often traded or associated with top-level media domains such as newspapers. These include the following: Google Display Network, BuySellAds, Adcash Admedia, Clicksor, Propeller Ads, Infolinks, Yes Advertising and Propel Media.

6561 +19683 = 29,523 websites displaying your link. Actually, linking to blog posts is a great way to retain and engage your email subscribers. You can learn about follower data to form content strategies, drive revenue and brand awareness from clickable links and promote blog posts right on the platform.

The users had installed a certain plugin that shared their old blog posts (randomly) once every single hour. It also helps you create buzz with Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. There was a time when link exchanges were working wonders in driving free traffic.

So I would suggest you start sharing some of interesting articles from your website on top social bookmarking networks including Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Google plus, Humsurfer etc. Some of the traffic sources on this list will be obvious, others less so. Yes, we all know organic traffic from search engines is great, but we’re also all getting it already.

Post your content in a LinkedIn group. In our traffic sources distribution graphic above we saw that 38.1% of traffic is organic, making search one of the main focuses for any online business that wants to maximize its site’s profitability. Social bookmarking can be a great way to share your content, build backlinks, and get traffic to your site.

Just remember that, as with guest posting, quality and relevance are key you should be engaging with other people in your niche, not dropping spam links on unrelated websites. Here you can clearly see Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined brought over 800 unique traffic through content being shared on these networks.

Simply integrate relevant social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to your website. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing , including social networking strategies and blogging tips. Here are the top three ways to offer free services or promotional gifts to increase your website traffic and to convert your mere visitors into loyal customers.

Make it easy for people to share your content (try using a plugin like Digg Digg , for example). This is why dedicated lanes and protected traffic signals for turning are sometimes provided. If you’ve built even a small following on social media, tell those followers about your Facebook group.

….attracts links from influential health and fitness bloggers with ease. Your website or blog has a lot of competition so finding ways to provide interesting and unique content can be a tedious, albeit necessary task. Google is a powerful, attractive traffic source because it allows keyword targeting (the search queries that are typed in the search box).

My suggestion is to create at least 4 good blogs because Kiss of the Dragon Traffic Software will hold 4 different URLs at one time. It’s also important to remember that you can build up a fairly loyal audience on YouTube with their own native subscription button, which, while not as good as email, is more powerful than a Facebook “like” in terms of audience retention.

Content strategy and deep keyword research and analysis is are paramount in successful enterprise SEO. Overall, you can use this tactic for any links including an ecommerce website, YouTube channel or company blog. For the sake of keeping things simple, we’re going to only discuss Google, the biggest search engine (and traffic source) in the world.

Use different titles and descriptions to see which works best to increase social media traffic – and if you find something is working really well, you should consider changing the headline of the article too. There are a bunch of awesome internet traffic sources which can effectively help you promote ads and monetize like there’s no tomorrow.

Learn the strategy I’ve used to get traffic to my website from extremely high-traffic blogs like Lifehacker and sites like the Wall Street Journal. Increasing your social media traffic happens when you engage and build relationships on each network. Well, you need to create content that acts as share magnets.

Today, almost every Indian megacity is experiencing traffic congestion and its subsequent problems.1According to the IBM 2011 Global commuter Pain Survey, New Delhi is the 6th most painful city in the world when it comes to traffic congestion. Focus on only 1-3 marketing channels at a time like SEO, PR, Advertising, CRO, Content marketing etc.

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